“Original adult-themed story with a definite dark flavor. [...] Shady Brook's dark, quirky characters, twisty story, and large menu of bonus features create an engaging game experience.”
- Laura MacDonald, AdventureGamers.com (Full Review)

Shady Brook succeeds to create a unique atmosphere, partially due to the really unusual, moving and creepy story.”
- André, AdventureArchiv.com (Full Review)

“As the story unfolded in Shady Brook, I began to realize that this was more than just a mystery game. [...] The shock of events at game’s end really shook me up.”
- Becky, Gameboomers.com (Full Review)

“If this were a standard game, then the town has either A) Been taken over by the Aliens as the first step towards world domination or B) They are all guarding the Magic Dingus which has the power to start Armageddon.  But this is Unimatrix Productions, so surely the story will not be anything so cliché. There will be layers and depth and a devilish twist at the end.”
- Robert Washburne, JustAdventure.com (Review temporarily offline)

Shady Brook is not a happy tale by any means. The whole game is clouded in mystery and ends up being quite sad in places. There was one particular part of the game towards the end that had me slightly devastated. Near the end, you start to get an idea of what the finale will be like, but you won’t be sure of why or how. [...] The high points of Shady Brook are the immersive and dark storyline, interesting characters, good music and worthy cut scenes.”
- Wendy Nellius, Adventure Lantern Magazine (Full Review)

“Games that simply peter out with flat and predictable endings are not something Mr. Brendel can be accused of making. To the contrary, his endings are worth getting to.”
- Steve Ramsey, Metzomagic.com (Full Review)

“The strange atmosphere Brendel conjures is in many ways the strongest element of Shady Brook.  What draws the player through to the ending is the consistent ‘oddness’ Brendel injects into almost every scene.”
- Scout, FourFatChicks.com (Review no longer available)

“First time voice actress Page Purgar did a wonderful job as Kate, proving that you don't have to be a professional to do a professional job if you have the talent. Inferno did a fine job as Tanya, the mayor's wife, as well as voicing two other supporting characters. John Bell gave his usual solid performances for most of the male voices.”

- Jenny100, Gameboomers.com (Full Review)

Shady Brook still stands out as a personal favorite of mine and remains one of the few games to authentically make me openly cry.”
- Brian Smith, gamer

“Good enough to be on par with some of the better commercial adventures.”
- Adventure Point

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