“A surprisingly moody piece about esoteric organizations and human nature that never takes itself too seriously.”
- Kirk Latimer, AdventureGamers.com  (Full Review)

“[the story was] bittersweet and poignant”
- Jenny100, Gameboomers.com (Full Review)

“For an indie game it is amazingly professional. [...]  With Lifestream, Christopher M. Brendel has found his very own style and created an absolutely convincing adventure.”
- André, AdventureArchiv.com (Full Review)

“The story is a strong point. There aren't many games in which you get to play a member of the cloth [...] and that adds an interesting dimension. There are aspects of faith and related matters that are touched upon, and Father Randolph as a character is very much a product of his beliefs.  This lifts the story above being one simply about a disappearance and a mystery involving secret societies through the ages.  [...]  Then there is the ending, which I didn't see coming. Too many games finish weakly, but not Lifestream. I have no intention of telling you about it, except to say that whatever Father Randolph might think, I think his faith took a battering.”
- Steve Ramsey, Metzomagic.com (Full Review)

Lifestream turned out to be an impressive first game by Christopher Brendel consisting of a solid storyline, fun puzzles and an original ending.”

- Wendy Nellius, Adventure Lantern (Full Review)

“This would have made a good book. [...]  This is a very good game for those who love a good story.”
- Robert Washburne, JustAdventure.com (Review temporarily offline)

“For an independently produced game, Lifestream's graphics are quite pretty. [...]  Background music for Lifestream is incredible. The orchestrations evoke feelings of melancholy, mystery, danger and sometimes inner peace.”

- Toger, Four Fat Chicks (Review no longer available)

“A very entertaining game”
- Adventure Point

“One of the most shocking endings I have ever seen in a game.”
- Eric McConnell, Hidden Sanctum Games

“The ‘6th Sense’ of adventure games!”

- David Speller, gamer

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