Unimatrix Productions is an independent game studio that specializes in adventure, text, and mobile games.  Our focus is to produce quality, story-centric titles that feature rich, three-dimensional characters and complex, original plotlines.  We strive to create a meaningful journey for players to undertake in each of our games, conjuring an atmosphere similar to that of a movie or novel but with the added dimension of interaction.

We do this because it is our sincere belief that it is the personal connection players form with a game that makes it a success.  It is with this philosophy in mind that we approach game development, and we believe that our work stands out as a result.

Whether you are a developer looking for collaboration on a project or a gamer looking for a new, enriching experience, we welcome you to Unimatrix Productions and the journeys beyond.

Our current ongoing project is Storycentric Worlds, a series of interconnected text and adventure games that focus on narrative.