“The puzzles are just wonderful.  There are inventory based puzzles all around plus a couple dozen logical puzzles.  Most of them are classic.  All of them are fair.  [...]   [Brendel’s] express intention was not just to use B-Movies as a backdrop, but to make the game itself into a B-Movie.   And it works quite well.  [...]  The background music is cheesy.  The voice acting is cheesy.  The movie sets are cheesy.  Perfect for a B-Movie celebration.  I loved it.  [...]  So what do we have here?  We have a tribute to B-Movies with all of their desperate charm.  We have a collection of superior puzzles which will make you feel really clever when you solve them.  We have an independent developer who created a game which was more fun to play than many of the professional offerings out there.”

- Robert Washburne, JustAdventure.com (Full Review)

“Although the game itself is a mystery-adventure, it has an original and exciting story that motivates the player again and again to solve the upcoming riddles and puzzles.”

- Michael Schachinger (translated), Adventures-United.com (Full Review)

The Filmmaker harks back to those games where around almost every corner there is another puzzle.  [...]  If you have a hankering for some good old-fashioned puzzling amid your exploring, you may very well find what you want here.”
- Flotsam, Gameboomers.com (Full Review)

“As a keen cinema-goer and a first-person adventure fan, The Filmmaker’s premise got me reaching for my figurative bucket of popcorn.  [...]  If there’s a puzzle-based equivalent of an arthouse film, The Filmmaker could be it.”
- Mark Jones, AdventureGamers.com (Full Review)

“Unusual in premise, and ingenious in implementation.”
- Adventure Point

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